CapitalWashington, D.C.
Continent, Sub-RegionAmericas, Northern America
Geographical Area9,629,091
CurrencyUnited States dollar ($) (USD)
LanguageNone at federal level
Motto "In God We Trust" Other traditional mottos "E pluribus unum" (Latin) (de facto)"Out of many, one" "Annuit cœptis" (Latin)"He has favored our undertakings" "Novus ordo seclorum" (Latin)"New order of the ages"
Time ZoneUTC-12:00, UTC-11:00, UTC-10:00, UTC-09:00, UTC-08:00, UTC-07:00, UTC-06:00, UTC-05:00, UTC-04:00, UTC+10:00, UTC+12:00
ISO 3166 code US
International Calling Code +1
Internet TLD .us
Per Capital $61,687
HDI 2015 0.920very high · 10th
2010 Census 308,745,538
GINI 2013 41.1medium
Area 9629091
Density 90.6/sq mi
Water 6.97 %
2017 Estimate 325,365,189
Drives On Right



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