Himno Nacional Mexicano

CapitalMexico City
Continent, Sub-RegionAmericas, Central America
Lat / Long19.433333333333334 / -99.133333
Geographical Area1,964,375
CurrencyPeso (MXN)
LanguageNone at federal level Spanish (de facto)
Time ZoneUTC-08:00, UTC-07:00, UTC-06:00
ISO 3166 code MX
International Calling Code +52
Internet TLD .mx
Per Capital $8,562
HDI 2015 0.762high · 77th
GINI 2014 48.2high
Area 1964375
Density 61/km2
Water 2.5 %
2017 Estimate 123,675,325
Drives On Right



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