"O Canada"

Continent, Sub-RegionAmericas, Northern America
Lat / Long45.416666666666664 / -75.700000
Geographical Area9,984,670
CurrencyCanadian dollar ($) (CAD)
LanguageEnglish French
Motto A Mari Usque Ad Mare (Latin)(English: "From Sea to Sea")
Time ZoneUTC-08:00, UTC-07:00, UTC-06:00, UTC-05:00, UTC-04:00, UTC-03:30
ISO 3166 code CA
International Calling Code +1
Internet TLD .ca
Per Capital $40,409
HDI 2015 0.920very high · 10th
GINI 2012 31.6medium · 20th[9]
Area 9984670
Density 3.92/km2
Water 8.92 %
Ethnic Groups Ethnic demography 74.3% European 14.5% Asian 5.1% Indigenous 3.4% Caribbean and Latin American 2.9% African 0.2% Oceania
Drives On Right



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